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A Year In Seoul With William Hirsch; What To Expect

IT'S TRUE! I'm moving to Seoul, South Korea for a year to teach English as a foreign language!

I'll be leaving the United States, my home for the last 26.5 years, for Seoul on July 15th, 2018. In total, I'll spend 13 months there. 395 days total.

The first month I'll be receiving training to teach English in South Korea and taking a culture orientation class. More or less similar to going back to college for a month! After completing my training and the cultural orientation class, where they'll teach us about life (the do's and don'ts) in Seoul and the nation of South Korea, we'll be hired by a school in the city that we'll have previously interviewed with.

I won't be assigned to a random school. There is a long interview process to match us with the best school possible that fits our personalities and where we prefer to live in Seoul.

Why the blog?

I've never set foot on the continent of Asia so your guess is as good as mine with what life is going to be like for me adapting to a completely new culture and a new language. That's going to be part of the thrill. It will truly be an adventure.

I've always been one to share my stories and experiences with people that are willing to listen. That's why I wanted to start my own travel blog.

I'll share my experiences here. I'll tell you all my most fascinating stories. I'll share with you everything I learn of what to do in Seoul and what not to do in Seoul.

As a English teacher in South Korea, you're paid handsomely. Money isn't the most important part of this, though. It's going to be my intense passion for traveling and seeing everything the world has to offer. I've long held this passion and I've tried really hard to inspire friends and family to get out and do the same.

Seoul's location to nearby countries and cities will make traveling extremely easy. I'll utilize my vacation days and Korean holidays to explore places like Tokyo (1:53), Hong Kong (2:55), Taipei (2:16), Hanoi (4:15), Bangkok (5:40), Bali (7:05), Shanghai (1:34), Beijing (2:15) and so on.

The possibilities are endless!

So make sure you follow me on all my linked social media platforms (especially my photography Instagram account!!!) and keep up with my stories and adventures here on my travel blog. I truly hope I can one day inspire you to find your own adventures in Asia and provide you with what to do when you get there!

Never lose your sense of wonder!


William Anthony Hirsch

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