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Where I've Been

Four continents visited, 20 countries, and 25 states in the United States of America.

Two world currencies received as earned income. Priceless memories. Endless adventures. A lifetime of experience. Adventuring for over 27 years.

From watching the Netherlands defeat Uruguay to make the 2010 World Cup Finals in Amsterdam with a park full of 60,000 people and celebrating in the streets of Amsterdam to getting the Norwalk virus on a Caribbean cruise, the stories are worthy of a best selling book.

Here is the exact breakdown of my travels:

Countries highlighted in purple were added after the original publish date on November 22nd, 2018

Asia: Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan

Europe: United Kingdom (England), France (2x), Germany, Netherlands, Spain

North America: Canada (too many times to count), USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Cayman Islands

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand

I don't have one singular favorite place. Every single place I've been has been special for it's own reasons.

I'll highlight some of them below.

Most intriguing: Macau - Is it Asia or is it Europe? Is it a destination to see historical sites or is it a place to gamble, drink, and enjoy the high life? Find out for yourself here.

Best relaxing beach vacation: Cayman Islands

Best for relaxing on a stunning beach during the day and then raging into the wee hours of the morning: Ibiza - Spain

Best (Northern Hemisphere) winter get away: Australia - the sexy Aussie accent is a bonus.

Best densely populated location: Hong Kong - Watch out for the umbrellas when it rains!

Best for history: France - Can you blame it? It's the epicenter of the two biggest wars in modern history. Don't forget that it also has a history dating back thousands of years. France is any history enthusiasts dream destination.

Most beautiful scenery: New Zealand - This small nation of islands packs quite a punch.

Best use of a 90 day travel visa: USA - The US has everything you could ever dream of when taking an extended vacation.

Friendliest people: Canada - Toronto is easily my favorite city I've ever been to (I've been twice).

Most underrated: Costa Rica - Zip lining is fun. The people are nice. The nature is beautiful and the wildlife is incredible. Pura Vida. The pure life indeed.

Most Mainstream: When going to Asia everyone seems to want to go to Japan. It's the most globalized Asian nation, It's also the most visited Asian nation. All for good reason. There is no doubt about it that Japan is worth visiting but if you're looking for an, "off the beaten path" or "under the radar" place to travel to, Japan is probably not what you're looking for.

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