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If You're Afraid To Fly; Don't Be

One of Singapore Airlines' Airbus A380's landing in Hong Kong. Photo Credit: IG: @wahphotography

When it comes to traveling, it seems like one thing that holds people back from traversing the Earth is their fear of flying. Anyone fearful of flying has an irrational fear holding them back from seeing some truly incredible places and meeting people that will change their lives forever.

The following are some astounding numbers according to Dutch aviation consultancy group To70:

Your chances of:

Dying in a car accident in the US: 1 in 5,000

Being struck by lighting: 1 in 13,000

Dying in a plane crash: 1 in 16,000,000

To drive the point home, you're 1,231 times more likely to get struck by lightning than you are to get into a plane crash where a fatality occurs.

Fatal plane accidents occur once in every two million flights.

Speaking in terms of accidents and not necessarily fatal accidents, you're 19 times safer traveling in a plane than you are traveling in a car.

According to recent studies, there is a 95% survival rate of accidents involving planes.

While 13 people died in two regional turboprop planes in 2017, not one single person died in a commercial airline jet crash. 2017 was the first year on record to see no commercial airline fatalities.

It is estimated that if you flew every single day of your life, it would take you 19,000 years to succumb to a fatal accident. That is 6,935,000 flights

So, if your fears of flying have held you back from taking on that dream beach vacation you've been wanting to take, go ahead. Tell your boss you're taking the week off. Book that flight and enjoy. You'll make it there safely!

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