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Dubrovnik, Croatia; Paradise On The Adriatic Sea

Just be warned that vacationing in Dubrovnik at the end of June and into early July, it will be very hot. The temperatures were 35-40 degrees Celsius. For Americans like me, that's 95-105 degrees Fahrenheit. It is very hot. You must be mentally prepared for the heat. You must be prepared for the powerful sun. Expect all of the above.

Why Dubrovnik

1. If you love beaches and or if you want a beach get away, you'll love Dubrovnik

2. If you love history, you'll love Dubrovnik

3. If you want to go to a city that's not at all overwhelming to mix exploring and relaxing, you'll love Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is really the perfect mix for all travelers: those that want to go to the beach and those that want to explore.

Must Do's

Old Town

Old Town is the area of Dubrovnik that is inside the city walls. Just simply go with no plans and walk around. It's not large, and, I'd say you can see it all in one hour just casually strolling.

Lapad Beach

This is the beach we frequented during our trip. We went the first day and liked it so much we didn't bother trying anywhere else. At Lapad Beach you can rent chairs and umbrellas for 300 Kuna each which is $41/41€ (you pay for the chair but it comes with an umbrella). If you plan to be at the beach for several hours, it's worth the money. You're going to need the umbrella as well, trust me. This beach is very family friendly and there were lots of families around. At the same time there is a bar where you can buy drinks from. *There are plenty of other beaches to try*

The Churches Of Old Town

The churches in Old Town are free to enter and they aren't large. So as you do the above mentioned stroll around Old Town, be sure to stop into the churches for a quick peak around.

City Walls Of Dubrovnik

Leaving Dubrovnik and not walking around the Walls of Dubrovnik would be a huge mistake. I didn't want to go, but my friend encouraged me and basically forced me into it at dusk on our last night. It was awesome. The views are amazing. To walk on the walls, it will set you back 250 Croatian Kuna which is equivalent to $34/34€. I know that's a lot but it is worth every penny. At this time of year the walls close at 20:00 so make sure you're there and walking around before 19:00. The loop you can do is pretty long so to go the full loop, expect it to take about an hour. There are exits if you don't want to do a full loop, however.

Stray Cats Of Dubrovnik

They're all over the place and they're friendly. They come in all colors as well and they're perfectly comfortable among the tourists. They lounge wherever they feel like it, completely unbothered by anyone.

A stray cat sleeping in a flower pot at the bottom of a staircase leaving the City Walls of Dubrovnik

What To Know Before You Go


There is a public transportation system, but with how cheap Uber is in Dubrovnik, it's definitely worth just being lazy and using Uber instead. Dubrovnik is also in the very mountainous region of Dalmatia of Croatia. It is possible you'll be staying at a place on the side of the mountain. With having to hike up the mountain and the brutal heat, again, it's worth it to use Uber. Taxi drivers also use Uber to get extra customers so don't be surprised if there is a Taxi sign on your car when they pick you up. The Taxi drivers speak really good English for the most part. I found them to be very friendly, very helpful, and very informative.


The Airport is pretty far south of Dubrovnik and it's a very small airport. There is a bus that runs into the city from the airport but it only runs based on when flights are coming into and out of the airport. With it being unreliable, as mentioned above, Uber is worth it.

The Heat

As previously mentioned it's very hot. Be prepared for it and expect it. Lots of sunscreen and a good hat. You'll also probably want to take several showers a day if you aren't swimming, to be honest.


If you want to cheat the system in Dubrovnik, just know that the supermarkets in Old Town or at Lapad Beach are the most expensive. If you're staying on the mountainside, the supermarkets there will be considerably cheaper. These are the more financially sound places to stock up on food and alcohol.

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